MMU Pillars

In 2011, Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) unveiled its 10 Year Strategic Plan. The purpose of this document is to articulate the vision, mission, core values and objectives of the University. It also provides the strategies to be implemented in order to give Mountains of the Moon University a considerably enhanced service delivery capacity over the next ten years.

The development of MMU in the coming decade will be based on the following three pillars;

  1. Competitiveness of our graduates
  2. Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  3. Quality assurance

Our attention is on providing improved quality of teaching and learning and adopting curricula which are responsive and sensitive to the needs of Uganda’s rapidly developing economy.

As MMU moves forward in the coming decade, one of the principal objectives associated with quality assurance will be to ensure adequate policies and structures are in place to achieve and maintain quality. This will not only apply to the core functions of teaching, research and service to the community but also the supporting functions of financial and administrative management, governance, human resources, marketing and partnership building.

Quality assurance does not end at the creation of policies and strategies. Rather, it is essential that this robust and effective quality assurance system progresses against targets that are continuously monitored and reviewed, and that strategies are revised as necessary to ensure quality is achieved and maintained.