The directorate of ICT was established in January 2015 as part of the effort to make MMU’s more ICT responsive and ready. This was one of the recommendations that was made by the ICT review committee which was put in place by the Top University Management and the encouragement of Howest and vliruos to sort out different problems plaguing the university’s ICT infrastructure.
In its early activities, ICT directorate received additional financial support from Howest and vliruos by providing the servers, laptop computers which are all managed under the directorate this has improved on the ICT services in Mountains of the Moon University. The directorate is well staffed, headed by ICT director who works with systems administrator, webmaster and network administrator and ICT technicians


To provide better ICT services in the whole University


To improve quality of ICT service in the Mountains of the Moon University and the community around it

The Core Objective of the Directorate

To ensure sustainability of MMU ICT

Other Objectives

  1. To ensure responsiveness to user needs to the university that is increasingly dependent on ICT
  2. To ensure competent management of the entire ICT infrastructure up to the user stations.
  3. To Identify, specify, implement and support information systems for various University functions and needs.
  4. To ensure that the network grade and quality of service meet performance targets.
  5. To promote research and creating awareness through online resources.
  6. To Promote ICT services in the Rwenzori region.


“ICT infrastructure is seen as one of the greatest enablers to positive change in the world today; The way the teaching, administrative and research functions are being carried out at universities has changed; We present to you the Directorate as a department mandated with planning, managing and maintaining the ICT infrastructure at MMU”
Information and Computing services are available throughout the university. Students and staff alike have access to computing facilities via a managed computer network. The directorate is charged with the duty of planning, implementing and maintaining the university infrastructure. The university has 5 computer rooms spread, throughout the university campus and has plans of implementing more to cope with the exponential rise in student and staff populations. The directorate is also tasked with providing support to the University computers network.


The Directorate provides and sustains effective and reliable data networking infrastructure which provides network connectivity between buildings within the university in addition to connection to wireless networking on campus.
The directorate provides the University with a reliable, supportable and maintainable service to staff P.C. Laptops. The services include consistent and cost-effective access to the central University networked teaching, learning and corporate systems, services and resources required by University staff for their University business.