The Estates department is an Administrative departmental unit under the office of Registrar Administration. It is a non teaching unit charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining utility and laundry services , sanitation, security, transport , quality asset purchases and waste disposal services geared to enabling the smooth running of the teaching and learning ,research and community service processes to be realized at the University.

Vision of the Department

To be the best service provider at Mountains of the Moon University in order to make the university a centre of excellent teaching and service to community.

Mission of the Department

To provide quality, acceptable services meeting the expectations of the students, staff and the community at Mountains of the Moon University.

Objectives of the Department

To ensure that activities geared to the teaching, learning, researching, and community service as the main focus of the university are carried out in a convenient, friendly and clean environment at all the campuses of the University.

The estates department team:

The Team is Composed of:

  • The Estates Manager.
  • Custodians.
  • Electrician, plumbing technicians.
  • Support Staff
  • Security guards.

Importance of the Department in the University:

The department is so important that without it all services geared to the smooth running of the University activities involving teaching, learning, research and service to the community would be impossible to provide and therefore infringing on the rights of the students and staff to work in a free and friendly environment.
Therefore the department is charged with the responsibility of:

  1.  Planning and maintaining the University buildings in a good and functional state.
  2.  Ensuring regular supply of utility services in the university.
  3.  Providing security and protection to the university assets and staff.
  4.  Ensuring that all university constructions and compounds are well maintained.
  5.  Organizing, supervising the setting and sitting arrangements and other physical requirements for public functions.
  6.  Assigning space for the construction of new buildings and other similar projects.
  7.  Maintaining laundry services to the University and controlling traffic at the campus.
  8.  Monitoring and evaluating quality purchase and maintenance of assets of the University and properties.
  9.  Being in custody of the university keys and assets.