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School of Education

Welcome to the School of Education

Our legacy, established over the last 4 years, is one of identifying tough problems in teaching and learning in schools then tackling them head on through teacher training, linking research to practice and bringing what we've learned from inquiry to our teaching. Our reputation is based on training our students’ in new and better approaches and techniques in teaching and learning in education institutions.

The School of Education is responsible for Teacher Education programmes at Mountains of the Moon University. The University has attached great importance to the development of Teacher Education, for it recognizes that Teacher Education is a powerful tool for the transformation of primary and secondary schools in Rwenzori region and beyond.

The School comprises of the Department of Education that is coordinated by the office of the Dean. In the near future we intend to expand the Departments to include: Department of Science Education, Department of Arts Education and Department of Educational Foundations and Management.

We offer undergraduates a broad range of programs in inclusive Bachelor of Science with Education, Bachelor of Art with Education, Bachelor of Education (Primary and Secondary), and Diploma in Primary Education. The true value-added for our students is the knowledge and experience our lecturers’ bring from their "real-world" of work to the classroom and the opportunities available for our students to take part in School Supervised Placements (SSP), where they apply the principles and techniques theoretically learnt into real-life problem solving situations. As the School of Education expands, we plan to start new undergraduate programs in Early Childhood Education, Guidance and Counseling and Computer Science in Education.

Distance Learning

In additional, with effect from this academic year, the School of Education has adopted Distance Education as an innovative teaching approach, investing in the potential of the self study materials and Internet in order to expand its students’ educational mandate in Diploma in Primary Education and Bachelor of Education programmes. The Distance Education Program will be used as an alternative and a complement to traditional education training methods in order to make course materials accessible to large students’ countrywide, bridge the gaps of distance and time, and reduce the costs of access to education of our students. Module self study materials have been specifically adopted to allow a student have a self guided learning, activity based discovery learning and self evaluation.

As the program expands, we intend to open up study outreach Centres in different districts in Uganda that will provide a local point of contact for students as they work through their Distance Education modules.  The centres will also provide a means of establishing a local focus in each District of the Ruwenzori Region, in keeping with the principles of the community university. In this way the University will be an ultimate model for one of a devolved university – with a relatively small home campus linked to other centres in the region. It is model that will meet the aspiration to be a community university in which the districts feel part-ownership.

Impact of our programs in the World Education is the single most important ingredient for a successful society. Why? Education affords children and adults the opportunity to reach their potential as learners and thereby become productive, proud citizens. Since its inception, the School of Education at Mountains of the Moon University has long understood the central role of education for producing caring communities and vibrant economies. Our mission is to prepare the present and future teachers’ who will have a profound impact on education practice, policy, and research.

Each day--in classrooms, in schools and in the community organizations Mountains of the Moon University makes a difference. Our staff, graduates, and students have accepted the challenge of changing the world through the noble professional of teaching others.

In addition to the work of individual member’s staff, the School of Education leverages its strengths through, collaborations with individual educationalists within the larger MMU community, and relationships with school districts around the world.

Research and Projects

Staff members are in process of conducting groundbreaking research in vital teaching and policy areas in Education. This research will not be done in a vacuum. New strategies and methods will be tested and refined in school districts throughout the nation. School of Education staff members also reach out to their colleagues across the University to seek multi-disciplinary solutions to today's educational problems.

We encourage you to join us as we continue to explore and participate in addressing education issues and seeking solutions that can define the future of education in Uganda and around the world through teaching, research and services to the community.

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