Reopening For Finalists (Guidelines)

The Registrar Academic Mountains of the Moon University informs the final year students, parents, guardians, staff and stakeholders that the University will reopen on Monday 12th October, 2020 for student’s pursuing health related Courses.

For the other finalists reporting date will be Thursday 15th October, 2020. On reporting,

  1. You must follow all restrictions put in place to manage the spread of Covid-19 by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports, the University Management and National Council for Higher Education.
  2. All students and staff entering the University should be wearing face masks all the time.
  3. All students and staff must go through designated points of screening and hand washing.
  4. Waring of face masks should be done at all times in lecture rooms, Library, offices and restaurants.
  5. All students will attend Covid-19 training immediately after reporting.
  6. All students should move with identity cards at all times
  7. Observe social distancing at all times while at Campus and off Campus.
  8. Pay all University dues for semester two 2019/2020 to be able to access learning facilities and to sit for examinations.
  9. More information will be given to you on media and as soon as you report in your respective Schools.
  10. Wishing you all the best as you begin your last semester at MMU, stay health and safe.

Heights for Progress