The School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (SAES) is located in a serene environment at Lake Saaka campus near the shores of Lake Saaka. The school is housed in a complex comprising three well equipped laboratories (water, soil and aquaculture laboratories) and a greenhouse. The school also has vast areas for students’ demonstration plots and agricultural production.

The programmes we offer generally train participants in all aspects of sciences related to agricultural production, Agribusiness, Floriculture and environmental conservation and such courses include inputs supply chain, propagation, crop agronomy, animal husbandry, soil science, harvest, post harvest handling, marketing, processing, accounting and consumption of agricultural products all of which are potential employment segments of graduates from our courses.

The School’s Vision

Having strong, vibrant, responsible, creative, competent and goal orientated graduates serving a sustainable agriculture sector.

The School’s Mission

To conduct agricultural training, research and community outreach to stakeholders through positive attitude training, knowledge and skills brokering, leading to increased agricultural productivity and profitability.


Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree 3 Years Day/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Degree 3 Years Day/Weekend
Bachelor of Horticulture with  Entrepreneurship and  Management Degree 3Years Day/Weekend
Bachelor of Agri-Business Degree 3Years Day/Weekend
Diploma In Agriculture Diploma 2 Years Day/Weekend
Diploma in Floriculture Diploma 2 Years Day/Weekend