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Salary Scale:               M3

Responsible to:           Vice Chancellor

Responsible for:          Deputy Dean of Students

Ref. No.                      EXT AD/APP/01/08/02

No. of Posts                01



To provide leadership to all matters relating to students’ affairs in the University.



  1. Coordinates all matters related to students’ affairs.
  2. Supervises staff under the docket of students’ affairs
  3. Coordinates all matters related to accommodation of resident students.
  4. Enforce rules and regulations of the University and all matters related to students’ discipline.
  5. Establish and monitor channels of communication in regards to student welfare and suggestions with the view of giving students the necessary advice.
  6. Oversee the operations of the students’ guild and offer appropriate advice and guidance.
  7. Advise on students’ publications and ensure that they conform to the acceptable standards.
  8. Oversee the organisation and running of sports and games with the assistance of games tutors.
  9. Prepare annual estimates and expenditure of halls of residence, sports and games all entertainments and special students’ requirements for submission to the finance committee
  10. Oversee all matters related to students’ health and discipline.
  11. Work with the university counsellor with the view of giving students the appropriate advice.
  12. Oversee the organization and arrangement of the places of worship
  13. Any other related duties as assigned by the Vice Chancellor.



  1. Students’ accommodation planned and monitored.
  2. Strategies for controlling students’ strikes and conflicts developed.
  3. Catering services efficiently managed and provided to students.
  4. Security matters handled.
  5. Students’ leadership supervised.
  6. Work plans and budgets developed and submitted.
  7. Students’ information services managed.
  8. Good health of students promoted.
  9. Guidance and counselling services provided.
  10. Sports and recreational activities organized.
  11. Secretariat support provided.
  12. Performance assessment conducted by 31st July and performance plans agreed with Staff by 31st August every year.



  1. Should have a Minimum of a Master’s Degree in organisation management related specialties from a recognized public or private institution.
  2. Experience of not less than ten (10) years of working experience, five (5) of which must have been at a senior management position in a reputable public or private institution.
  3. Exhibits leadership and supervisory skills.
  4. Demonstrates ability to build, lead and work with teams.
  5. Have excellent interpersonal & communication skills.
  6. Possesses excellent Human resource management skills
  7. Have good Computer literacy.
  8. Possesses quick judgment and decision-making skills.
  9. Have Planning, organising and coordinating skills
  10. Is of high integrity.

Demonstrates ability to withstand pressure and working for long hours.

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