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Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research & Innovations

The Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research & Innovation at Mountains of the Moon University is a key administrative body responsible for overseeing and promoting postgraduate education, research, and innovation activities within the university. It plays a vital role in fostering academic growth, intellectual exploration, and knowledge creation among faculty, staff, and students.

The primary functions of the Directorate include:

1. Graduate Studies: The Directorate is responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of postgraduate programs at Mountains of the Moon University. It oversees the admission process, curriculum development, program implementation, and quality assurance for various master’s and doctoral programs offered by the university. 

2. Research Support: The Directorate actively supports and encourages research endeavors among faculty and students. It provides guidance and assistance in developing research proposals, securing funding, conducting ethical research practices, and disseminating research findings. The aim is to foster a vibrant research culture within the university and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in various disciplines. 

3. Innovation and Technology Transfer: The Directorate promotes innovation and technology transfer by facilitating collaborations between academia, industry, and the wider community. It encourages entrepreneurial activities, patent filings, and commercialization of research outcomes. The focus is on translating academic research into practical solutions that address societal challenges and contribute to economic development. 

4. Research Ethics and Compliance: The Directorate ensures adherence to ethical standards in research activities. It establishes policies, guidelines, and protocols for conducting research involving human subjects, animal welfare, and bioethics. It also ensures compliance with national and international regulations and promotes responsible conduct of research within the university. 

5. Capacity Building: The Directorate organizes workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance the research and innovation capabilities of faculty, staff, and students. It facilitates collaborations with national and international institutions to promote knowledge exchange, joint research projects, and academic partnerships. 


Overall, the Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research & Innovation at Mountains of the Moon University strives to create an environment conducive to academic excellence, innovation, and impactful research. It aims to contribute to the development of Uganda and the global community by fostering cutting-edge research, producing highly skilled professionals, and promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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