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Faculty of Tourism, Hotel & Hospitality Management.

Currently under the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Tourism, Hotel, and Hospitality Management at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) is a department dedicated to providing education and training in the field of tourism, hotel management, and hospitality. 

The Faculty of Tourism, Hotel, and Hospitality Management usually offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that aim to develop students’ knowledge and skills in the tourism and hospitality industry. The faculty may have various departments or divisions focusing on different aspects of the field, such as tourism management, hotel management, event management, food and beverage management, and hospitality operations.

The curriculum of the faculty typically includes a combination of theoretical courses and practical training. Students may study subjects like tourism principles, hotel operations, event planning, marketing and sales, hospitality law, finance and accounting, customer service, and tourism development. Depending on the university, students may also have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas within the industry, such as ecotourism, resort management, or culinary arts.

To enhance practical skills and gain industry experience, students may participate in internships or cooperative education programs, where they work in real-world tourism and hospitality establishments. This practical experience helps students apply their knowledge and develop professional competencies.

The faculty may also engage in research activities related to the tourism and hospitality industry. Faculty members may conduct research projects, publish academic papers, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

Additionally, the faculty may collaborate with industry partners, tourism organizations, and hospitality businesses to provide students with networking opportunities and exposure to the industry. Guest lectures, industry visits, and workshops are common activities that connect students with professionals in the field.

Overall, the Faculty of Tourism, Hotel, and Hospitality Management at Mountains of the Moon University, or any similar institution, aims to prepare students for careers in the tourism and hospitality industry by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the field, practical skills, and industry connections.

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