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All applicants for programmes offered at Mountains of the Moon University are required to pay a non-refundable fee, determined by Senate. The application fee is a contribution towards the expenses incurred in preparation and processing of applications for admission of qualified individuals. Therefore, it is non-refundable; whether the applicant is successful, or not.

Application Fees for Undergraduate Programmes:

Certificates Shs.  30,000/=
Diplomas  Shs.  30,000/=
Bachelor Degrees  Shs.  50,000/=

Application Fees for Postgraduate Programmes:

Postgraduate Diplomas           Shs. 50,000/=
Masters Degrees                    Shs. 50,000/=

Cash payment is not allowed at the University and  No university staff is allowed to receive fees from students. You can pay all your fees through the Bank.

The Bank Details are as follows

Account Name Bank Account Number Currency
Mountains of the Moon University Stanbic 9030005766329 UGX
Mountains of the Moon University Housing Finance Bank 1300036469 UGX
Mountains of the Moon University Stanbic 9030008174414 USD
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