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Mountains of the Moon University Library in partnership with the schools enables the University to provide quality education and achieve its core functions of learning, teaching, research and service to the community. We have a dedicated team who are there to help with any library query you may have. Thank you for visiting MMU Library webpage. We look forward to meeting you in the Library at MMU Saaka Campus!

 How to use the Library
Admission to the Library is open to members of staff, registered students of the University and fee paid members.For access to information materials in the library the students present their registration cards to prove their identity as MMU registered students.
E-resources are open to all staff and students but for research4life resources the library users have to see the E-resource admin to allow them access.

Opening Hours (Main Library at Lake Saaka)

Semester Period
Monday –Sunday 8.30am -5.00pm

Recess Period
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday – Sunday 8.30 am -1.00pm

Public Holiday
Library close


E-resources A-Z

Research 4 Life

Open Access Resources


Agroecology Resources  

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