Mr. Rodgers Mutyebere

Mr. Rodgers Mutyebere is a Lecturer in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Mr. Raymond Bakame Mbabazi

Holds a Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium)

Mr. Buwa Ronald

Mr. Ronald PhD candidate in Gulu University working on a dissertation entitled

Mr Bahizi Zachary

Mr. Zachary holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Mr. Clovis Kabaseke

Mr. Kabaseke Clovis is a Lecturer and Researcher in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Mountains of the Moon University

Dr. John Patrick Kanahe Kagorora

Dr Kagorora is a senior lecturer at Mountains of the moon University

Professor Emeritus A. R. Semana( PhD)

Professor Emeritus A. R. Semana is a Senior Lecturer in the Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Ronald Kabbiri

Dr. Ronald Kabbiri is a senior lecturer in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (SAES),

Prof. Dr. John Rubaihayo

Prof. Dr. John Rubaihayo is the Dean of Health Sciences

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