Professor Emeritus A. R. Semana( PhD)

Professor Emeritus A. R. Semana( PhD)

Professor Emeritus A. R. Semana is a Senior Lecturer in the Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

PhD. : Agricultural Extension Education, Makerere University, 1998
M.Sc. : Agriculture with major in Agricultural Communication, Makerere University, 1984
B.Sc. : Agriculture with major in Agricultural Journalism University of Wisconsin USA,1970
Diploma : Agriculture, Israel, 1966
Certificate: Agriculture, 1964, Bukalasa Agricultural College

In Journals 20 Papers

In edited Conference Proceedings 27 Papers

Chapters in six books

Eight Books

Supervised 48 Masters and PhD students who graduated in time

1966 to 1980: Agricultural Extension work and Information and Visual Aids Teaching farmers
1980 to 1986: Teaching at Pan African Institute for East and Southern Africa
1986 to 2005: Teaching at Faculty of Agriculture, Makerere University
1986 to 2005: Teaching at Makerere University
2005 to date: Teaching at Mountains of the Moon University

1. Initiated and pioneered the establishment of the department of agricultural extension/education.

2. Designed and participated in the implementation of
       (a) Extension option
       (b) Master of Science in Agricultural Extension Education
       (c) Bachelor of Agricultural Extension Education

3. Initiated and coordinated internship in the Faculty of Agriculture Makerere University 1992-2001

4. Initiated and was chairman of the Task Force on the Establishment of continuing Agricultural Education Centre (CAEC) Makerere University

5. Was a Secretary of the Task Force on the establishment of Makerere University Agricultural Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK)

6. Initiated and coordinated the following links:

  • Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Reading and Department of Agricultural Extension Education (DAEE) resulting in staff exchange, four months training of DAEE staff at Reading
  •  Farmers organization Secretariat/DANIDA and Faculty of Agriculture
  • Kulika Charitable Trust Uganda and Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Winrock International Sakasawa Africa Association and DAEE resulting in support of Bachelor of Agricultural Extension Education.

7. Minister of Agriculture, Tooro Kingdom 2002 to- 2010.

8. The Chairperson, Arapai Agricultural College Board of Directors 2001—2003
at MMU and to Community

May to June 2004: Team Leader on Developing Internship Guidelines for Makerere University

November 2002: Consultant/Lead person on final Evaluation of Young Farmers (Farmers Organizations Secretariat /DANIDA funded Programme

June, September 2002: Facilitator of Curriculum review for Crop Production and Animal Production for Bukalasa and Arapi Agricultural Colleges

November 2001: Consultant /Lead person on Mid Term Evaluation of YoungFarmers Organizations Secretariat/DANIDA funded programme

Late Nov 2001-2002: Resource person on Training NARO Researchers (second group) in Client Oriented Research and Developing Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Tools financed by D F I D

Early Nov 2001: Consultant/ resource person on Mid-term Evaluation of Young Farmers’ farm and Extension link Farmer activities

August 2001: Resource person on Training NARO Researchers in Client oriented Research and developing participatory monitoring and evaluation tools financed by D F I D

January 2001: Resource person on Evaluation of Young Farmers TrainingProgramme and Training Farmers to Farmer Extension Link farmer

August-September 2000: Consultant/lead person for CARE International on Final Evaluation of Bushenyi, Ntungamo Agricultural Innovation Project using participatory Techniques.

April 2000 : Consultant/team leader for NARO/EU on Skills Development.

February 2000: Consultant/team leader for NARO/DANIDA on Training Needs Assessment of Rural Youth using Participatory Tools (RRA, PRA)

December 1999 to: Consultant/team leader for UNFA/DANIDA in Selection of January 2000 Young Farmers for Training

1999-2000 : Member of the panel of the curriculum on Agriculture for Primary Schools

1997 to- Sept 2001 : Coordinator, Bachelor of Agricultural Extension Education – A Private Degree Programme. TEACHING BAEE first and second year students’ courses involving training in experiential teaching and training

September 1996 : Consultant for African Development/Prime Minister’s Office/MAAIF on study of smallholder agricultural production in North Western Region Uganda.

October 1995: Consultant for IFAD/MAAIF on Training of Trainers (Extension Staff) of Farmers Representatives and preparing a Teaching Guide.

October 1994: Consultant for TFAD/MAAIF on Curriculum Development for Farmers Bulindi D.F.I.

September 1994: Consultant for IFAD/MAAIF – Mid Term Review of Hoima District Integrated Community Development Project

July – Dec. 1993 : Consultant for World Bank/MAAIF on Bukalasa Agricultural College Curriculum Review.

Sept. Oct. 1993 : Consultant for UNSO/MAAIF on environmental Information for Uganda National Case-Study on drought and desertification control.

May 1989 – Feb.1993: Consultant for IFAD/World Bank on Extension Training in South West Region Agricultural Rehabilitation Project.

June 1988: Consultant for Inter-Governmental Authority on Drought and Desertification (IGADD) on study of the construction of Kampala – Juba Highway. Member countries of IGADD are: Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia and Uganda.

Feb.-April 1988 : Consultant for Preferential Trade Area Eastern and Southern African States (PTA) on the study of the potential production of maize and beans when the Highway is improved.

May – June 1978 : Consultation to Evaluation of Young Farmers of Uganda.
Carried out field surveys and consultations to determine the current level of the young Ugandans in Farming.

Oct. – Dec. 1976 : Consultant for FAO on the feasibility study of possibility of establishing an agricultural communication an unit identifying of staff for training for the Unit in Ministry of Agriculture, Swaziland.

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