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MMU – Howest University College partnership takes shape

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) and Howest University College of Belgium in February 2023, an academic visit lasting 3 weeks by three MMU staff from Faculty of Science, Technology and Innovation to Howest University College including Dr. Edwin Akugizibwe, Bukenya Moses (Head of Department – Computer Science), and Mr. Peter Baranga has come to an end.

Dean Faculty of Science, Technology and Innovations Dr. Edwin Akuguzibwe indicates that the three week academic visit has exposed them to a number of very important lessons which they wish to implement in their faculty as a means of channeling out up to date graduates.

Among the Howest University campuses visited included: Howest- Kotrijk Campus and Howest-Brugge Campus. Other University partners visited HoGent- University College and Lueven University (KU Lueven). All these institutions were visited with a focus as possible potential partners.

MMU- Howest University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to have professional cooperation between the two institutions in the field of vocational training, education, applied research, technology, mobility and expertise sharing lasting 3 years with opportunity of renewal.

Above  in picture is: Dr. Edwin Akugizibwe (holding a pen) and Mr. Peter Baranga (on the extreme right) witnessed the Rector of Howest Prof. Lr. Lode De Geyter (second left) after signing the Howest-MMU MOU in Belgium after VC MMU signed on the same document earlier from Fort-Portal, Uganda.

Officials from Howest College University and provincial leaders of West Flanders after witnessing the rector of Howest signing the Howest-MMU MOU

MMU Dean Faculty of Science Technology and Innovations Dr. Edwin Akugizibwe talking to Rector Howest University College and other officials including those from West Flanders province, prior to witnessing Rector of Howest signing

Howest-MMU MoU

Heights For Progress

Brens Willie Wambedde

Communications & Public Relations Officer


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