The School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) promotes the quality of teaching and commitment to research, places a strong emphasis on the debate and discussions in the development of knowledge, and analytical skills. As a school we address global grand challenges and social issues thus providing the necessary training to our students to meet the world’s great challenges that require not only technical and scientific creativity but also a deep understanding of the human complexities like cultural, political and economic, critical thinking in which the world’s challenges are embedded, that helps to shape many aspects of our lives, including human relationships, democracy and human rights, viewing the economy and coping with community issues. The school has qualified staff to handle and shape the minds of both young and old learners and hence at completion to go out and make a difference in society.
The programs offered in the school enable students to become Mangers, political analysts, Administrators, politicians, critical thinkers, Researchers and give them broader range of work environment for instance in Public and Private sectors, NGOs and CBOs and others being self employed. The programs encourage students to be job creators and not job seekers in that, students are encouraged to design strategies of alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability.

School vision:

To be a center of excellence in teaching and research geared towards minds transformation to address development needs.

School mission:

To provide holistic and quality services to promote personal and professional growth to suit development needs.


Department of Sociology and Social Sciences

Department of Public Administration

Department of Languages & Communication


Masters of Public Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation

Bachelor of Public Administration and Management
Bachelor of Community Development
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration
Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

Diploma in Public Administration
Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration
Diploma in Secretarial Studies

Certificate in Public Administration
Certificate in Secretarial Studies