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Word from the School Dean

Business courses; an important variable in the national development equation!

It is a well-known fact that for any country to develop, it must make considerable investment in science-based innovations and production. The government of the republic of Uganda has therefore been emphasizing that students offer science courses so that they can easily get employment as well as contribute to national development. I therefore assume that there are some questions running in the minds of people as to whether business courses are worth offering. Questions such as the following may arise; 1. Do business courses contribute to national development? 2. Can graduates of these courses get gainful employment? 3. Hasn’t the country produced enough graduates in this field? Etc.

The above concerns notwithstanding, it is worth noting that national development (together with its drivers) is a system very much like a human body. For a human body to function well and keep healthy, all organs (component parts) must be functioning well. Knowledge from business courses therefore acts as an enabler of many development activities. I therefore here under expound on how each undergraduate business-related program offered at MMU may contribute to national development as well as find gainful employment for its graduates.

The School of Business and management studies is the second largest School at MMU after School of Education. The School is premised on equipping students with knowledge in Business management; Entrepreneurship; Procurement; Accounting; Finance; Tourism; Banking and Economics. In so doing, practical aspects are emphasized in order to sufficiently prepare students for the job market as well as self-employment. To achieve this, the School organizes Internships and Research Projects for all final year students.

School Administration

School Dean: Mr. Muhangi Bernard Wakabi [PhD (Candidate-UMI), MBA (finance, UMU), B.Com (Accounting, MUK)]

HoD- Business management: Mr. Rubalema Alex [MBA (MGT) Nkumba University, PGD PPM UMI, BBA Nkumba University]

HOD- Banking and Finance: Ms. Mbabazi Grace Mary [MSc (Banking & Investment,MUK), BA Educ. MUK]

Head, Research & Projects: Dr. Kataike Joanita [PhD (Applied Biological Sciences Ghent University), MBA UMU, BPAM UCU,]

Head, Quality Assurance & Internships: Mr. Muhenda Charles [MBA (MMU), BED (Business Studies) Kyambogo University, Dip. Educ. NTC Masindi]

Assistant Registrar: Ms. Niwaha Moreen [MBA (Finance, MMU), BBDF (MMU)]



Course Duration Study Option
Bachelor of Human Resource Management 3 Years Day/Weekend
Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years Day/Weekend
Bachelor of Banking and Development Finance 3 Years Day
Bachelor of Arts in Economics 3 Years Day/Weekend
Bachelor of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management 3 Years Weekend

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Diploma in Business Management 2 Years Day/Weekend
Diploma in Microfinance Management 2 Years Day/Weekend
Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Innovations 2 Years Day/Weekend
Diploma in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management. 2 Years Day/Weekend


  • Certificate in business management and administration
  • Certificate in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality management
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