The School of Education started way back in 2005 when Mountains of the Moon University opened its doors to the first batch of admitted students. Since then, it has continued to grow numerically in terms of students and staff. Currently, it is comprised of two departments i.e. Pre-Service and In-Service Education. The former comprises of the Bachelor of Arts with Education and the Bachelor of Science with Education. The latter is made up of the Bachelor of Education (Secondary and Primary) and the Diploma in Education (Primary).
The School is responsible for teacher education and training to meet the ever increasing demand for trained, highly innovative and ethical teachers in the education sector both in Uganda and abroad. We aim at a complete transformation of the primary and secondary education status in order to fight the poverty levels of our people through increased knowledge and awareness from the educational perspective. We do all this through hands-on training of our students by way of innovative approaches of modern day dissemination of knowledge like e-learning, blended learning and podcasting pedagogical approaches characteristic of a modern school in a modern university setting.


To be an innovative School aiming at producing dynamic teachers for national transformation.


To train and produce visionary teachers with practical innovations for knowledge construction.

Core values

  • Professionalism in our approach
  • Respect and full engagement
  • Responsive to national concerns
  • Service and integrity


The School is headed by the Dean, Dr. Kintu Mugenyi Justice who holds the oversight role in the school.
Dr. Kintu Mugenyi Justice (, +256-772480373.
Mountains of the Moon University
P.O. Box 837, Fort Portal

Dr. Kintu Mugenyi Justice graduated from Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2017 with a Doctor of Educational Sciences, University of Bergen (MPhil), Makerere University (BA/A), Kyambogo University (Dip/Ed). He specializes in e-learning, self-regulated learning, distance education, education innovations and blended learning. He has published and presented papers at international conferences and in reputable peer-reviewed journals. He has had a wide experience in teaching at higher education levels and in secondary schools. He is currently the project leader in the VLIR-UOS program of the Flemish Inter-University Cooperation of the Flemish Government in Belgium.

The Department is headed by Mr. Ndungo Issa, a specialist in mathematics education and is responsible for the supervision of instruction in the department.

Issa Ndungo has been teaching in this University since 2011, he passed through Musasa Primary School for Primary Education, Mutanywana Secondary School for Ordinary Level, Bwera Secondary School for Advanced Level, Mountains of the Moon University for the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Education (Mathematics/Economics) and Mbarara University of Science and Technology for the Degree of Master of Science in Mathematics. He also holds a Certificate in Monitoring and evaluation and a Certificate in Financial Management.

He once coordinated the module development unit of the university and the examinations at the school of Education before his appointment as a Head of Pre-service Department in the school of Education in 2016.

As a head of Department, he participates in the administrative activities of both the department, the school and the university at large. Specifically, he directs, supervises, coordinates and guides the operations of the pre-service Education department.


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The Department is headed by M/s Tuhaise Safina, a specialist in Language studies.



Course Duration Study Option
Bachelor of Science with Education 3 Years Day
Bachelor of Arts with Education 3 Years Day
Bachelor of Special Needs Education 3 Years Day
Bachelor of Education – for Grade V Teachers (Primary/Secondary)  2 Years Long  Distance


Diploma in Primary Education –(for Grade III Teachers (Primary)  2 Years Long Distance