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WELCOME by the School Dean

I have the pleasure to welcome you to the home page for the School of Health Sciences (SHS). As you read through you will learn the key features of the school including our vision, mission, core values and the different academic programmes we offer.

Mountains of the Moon School of Health Sciences was established in 2005 to address the health man power gaps in Uganda. As a school, we are committed to improve the health of Ugandans and beyond through training of health professionals, research in critical areas of health and community engagement for Socio-economic development.

The school at the moment has three departments including the department of Public Health, department of Nursing and department of Midwifery. However, we have plans to expand our coverage including clinical medicine, environmental health sciences, Biomedical and allied health sciences.

I’m so proud of the achievements since the inception of the school in 2005. I wish to commend our staff, students and alumni for the hard work, resilience and unwavering commitment to improving health and wellbeing of our communities. The school is not only involved in teaching students but is also involved in world class research providing a solid foundation of evidence for improving health locally and internationally.

The Uganda Vision 2040 provides the framework for the attainment of the national vision: “A Transformed Ugandan Society from a Peasant to a Modern and Prosperous Country within 30 years (2010-2040)“ . All our development efforts have to be realigned towards the realization of this vision. The goal of National Development plan II (NDP II) (2015/16-2019/20) is to attain middle income status by 2020. The goal of the National Health plan II (NHP II) (2015/16-2019/20) is to have a healthy and productive population that contributes to socio-economic growth and national development. Both the NDP II and NHP II recognize the fact that human capital development is a key strategy towards the realization of vision 2040.

It is against this back ground that the School of Health Sciences at Mountains of the Moon University has come up with both clinical and public health academic programmes that can help to achieve the above milestones.


A center of excellence in health training, research and innovations thereby contributing to the health and wellbeing of the people of Uganda and the rest of the world.


The mission of the school is to provide the highest standard of training to health professionals and conduct world class research addressing local, national and global health challenges.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Team spirit
  • Hard work
  • Innovation





Study Option

Master of Public Health (MPH) 2 years Weekend
Post Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management (PGDHSM) 1 years Weekend
Bachelor  of Science in Public Health(Long Distance) 3 years Long Learning
Bachelor  of Science in Public Health(Full Time) 3 years Full time
Bachelor of Environmental Health Sciences (BEHS) 3 years Full time
Diploma in Public Health (DPH) 2 years Full time
Diploma in Environmental Health Science (DEHS) 2 years Full time
Diploma in Health Education And Promotion (DHEP) 2 years Full time




Study Option

Bachelor Of Nursing Science  (BNS) (Direct ) 4 Years Full time
Bachelor Of Nursing Science (BNS) (Completion) 3 Years Full time
Bachelor Of  Midwifery  Science (BMS ) 3 Years Full time
Diploma In Nursing (EXTENSION) 2 Years Full time
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