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Warning: To Avoid fraudsters; please don’t send money to anyone

It is no secret that fraudsters prey on the vulnerable persons. Reports reaching Academic Registrar; Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) indicate that a number of admitted students on private sponsorship scheme and those applying for Government sponsorship scheme are receiving calls from unscrupulous people soliciting money as either a way to aid their admission or commitment fees for those on the private scheme.

This is to inform the General Public that MMU is a Public University, that operates within the confines of the laws of the Republic of Uganda and any monies paid to the University are ONLY banked to Housing Finance Bank or Stanbic Bank Accounts in the Account name of Mountains of the Moon University.

The account Numbers are given below:

  1. Housing Finance Bank, Account Number: 1300036469
  2. Stanbic Bank, Account Number: 9030005766329

Nobody should be duped into sending money through other means such as Mobile Money. This is intended to keep our students, parents and other stakeholders of MMU safe from fraudsters looking to defraud them of money.

Heights For Progress

Brens Willie Wambedde

Communications & Public Relations Officer

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  1. We request for the fees structure per semester for the different offered courses at the university to enable applicants assess whether or not they can apply and pursue those given courses up to the end, not for a while and drop out.

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