Why Join Mountains of the Moon University

Mountains of the Moon University is one of the Private Chartered Universities in Uganda with well Accredited academic programmes and established facilities. The University is currently under a transition of being converted into a chartered public University. The university is location in Fort Portal Tourism City in Rwenzori Region. Our programmes range from Agriculture, Social Sciences, Education, Business, Health and ICT. The main focus of MMU is centered on Teaching, Research and Service to the community.


The University is under the governance of qualified and experienced staff who offer the teaching and non-teaching services under the leadership of Top University Management.


The University through partnerships, Community engagement and external funds has been able to put up good facilities to enable the excellent teaching and also to attract various opportunities both locally, nationally and internationally to the University to support the community

Students Skills

Mountains of the Moon University students are prepared in the employment sector. This is highly attributed to practical skills acquired through Teaching, internship training, students’ projects and through practical assessment