Students' Affairs

Office of the Dean of Students


The Dean of Students heads a department known as the Students Affairs Department. This is purely an administrative, non-Academic department, but very vital in the University Management structures.

Mrs. Roselyne Ssali, Dean of Students

This department is responsible for the general welfare of students, and other affairs that make the students’ stay in the University a memorable one. The office of the Dean of Students is tasked to oversee a number of affairs ranging from, but not limited to the general discipline and conduct of students, accommodation, Games, sports and co curricular affairs, Health and Medical affairs of the students, counseling psychosocial support services, Guild Leadership, Mentorship, Spiritual services, as well as Catering services. 

The Dean of Students is in general the bridge between the University Management and the Students body.

General Discipline and Conduct

Students are encouraged to observe the regulations and Code of Conduct outlined in the Handbook and other sources.

Contact information

For any enquiry do not hesitate to contact the following officers on behalf of office of the Dean of Students:

Mrs. Roselyne Ssali, Dean of Students,

Mr. Ben Muthahinga, Administrative Secretary, Office of the Dean of Students

Mrs. Gorret Kugonza, University Councillor,

Ms. Gloria Turigye, University Nurse


Mountains of the Moon University is a purely Day/Non-Resident University and therefore the University does not own any Hall of Residence, however, we hold Memorandums of Understanding with various Hostel owners who set them up with purposes of Accommodating University Students. Our role and responsibility here is to guide students in identifying suitable and comfortable Hostels of their choices.

Games & Sports

The office of the Dean of Students hosts the Games and Sports Unit. We have a variety of Sports Disciplines that students get engaged in for talent development as well as competition purposes. The competitions include local, national, and international engagements between Universities through Leagues and Associations that we subscribe to. These range from but not limited to Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Wood ball, Rugby, Darts to mention but a few.

Health and Medical Affairs

The Health and Medical affairs of Students are managed both internally and externally. The University has two Professional Full time Nurses who attend to the Sick students from the University sickbay. Externally, the Students are referred to Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital, Buhinga in situations of complicated cases.

Counseling Services

The University has a Full time Counselor whose major responsibility is to offer psychosocial support to students who are faced with diverging social challenges.

Guild Leadership

The University Students are governed by the Guild Leaders through the Guild Executive headed by the Guild President as well as the Guild Representative Council (GRC), guided by the Students Constitution. Guild leadership changes every Academic year through democratic elections. These leaders are empowered to manage all the students’ affairs with support from the Dean of Students.

Clubs and Associations

The University embraces Clubs and Associations registered as guided by University and Tertiary Act. Every Student is encouraged to identify a club or Association to participate in. These clubs and Associations are based on Social, Religious, tribal, Regional as well as professional grounds. Their major reason for existence is Talent development, entertainment, educative, interaction as well as for social purposes.

Spiritual Affairs

Mountains of the Moon University is a non-denominational University; however, it welcomes every student to embrace a religion of worship as long as it’s accepted and recognized by the Government of Uganda. The Dean of Students works closely with the 3 Religions that are recognized by the University, these one The Catholic Religion, Anglican as well as Islam. 

Meals & Feeding

The University does not offer feeding services to Students; however, the Guild owns a Canteen within the University where students buy their own meals on their own. The Campus is also surrounded by various Food Canteens at Students services.

Mentoring and Orientation

The office of the Dean of Students is very vital when it comes to matters of mentoring and orienting new students into the University this is well regularly done through various forums.