Office of the Vice Chancellor

About the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Pius Coxwell Achanga

Professor Pius Coxwell Achanga is the Vice Chancellor of Mountains of the Moon University (MMU), having been appointed to the position in September 2022. Before this, he chaired a task force appointed by the Honorable Minister of Education and Sports in January 2019, to oversee the transition of MMU from a private Chartered University to Public status, when the Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Uganda and the Board of Directors of MMU private Chartered University in January 2022, for the takeover of MMU, as a Public University.

Professor Achanga served as the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), where he oversaw the licensure and establishment, planning, development, and strategic guidance of all Higher Education Training Institutions in Uganda. He worked at NCHE for over 12 years in various capacities. Before joining NCHE, he was a Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing, School of Engineering, University of Cambridge-UK; and an Industrial Fellow at Rolls-Royce Plc.

Roles, Functions, and Responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor oversees Top University Management (TUM) and is assisted by: –

  1. The First Deputy Vice-Chancellor who is responsible for the Academic affairs of the University and in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, performs the functions of the Vice-Chancellor; and
  2. The Second Deputy Vice-Chancellor oversees the Finances and Administration of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the University Council and he directly oversees the Deputy-Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration, the University Secretary, the Academic Registrar, the University Bursar, the University Librarian, and the Dean of Students.

The Vice-Chancellor is further responsible for;

  1. Policy and planning formulation by spearheading the development and review of the University’s Policies, plans, and programs in line with the University’s Strategic
  2. Management of the University by directing and supervising Top University Management which is responsible for the academic, financial, and administrative functions of the University and ensures that they are facilitated to deliver the planned
  3. Responsible to the University Council by preparing periodic reports to Council and is responsible for the general conduct and discipline of staff and
  4. Chairs Senate and presides at all meetings of the Senate at which he/she is
  5. Fiscal control by monitoring all University financial expenditures and mobilizing/ soliciting for resources necessary for the implementation of the University plans and
  6. Spokesperson of the University on all matters that affect the general operations of the
  7. In the absence of the Chancellor, presides at ceremonial assemblies of the University and confers degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of the

About the Office

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and the mandate of the office is enshrined under section 31, sub-section 1 (a-b) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001 as amended. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative, and financial affairs of the University; and The Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the University Council from among three candidates recommended by the Senate.

Staff in the office

The Vice-Chancellor is assisted in the delivery of his duties by a Senior Administrative Secretary and an Administrative Secretary who support the Vice-Chancellor in meeting his objectives and targets by effectively planning his schedule.

Contact Information

The Vice-Chancellor

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