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Welcome to the Library Digital Section !

In this digital space, we aim to provide you with an immersive and dynamic library experience tailored to meet your academic and research needs. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, researcher, or lifelong learner, our digital library section is designed to be your gateway to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and services available at your fingertips.

The Library Digital Section of the library serves as a virtual hub for accessing a diverse range of digital resources, services, and tools offered by our library. From e-books and scholarly journals to online databases and research guides, our digital collection provides comprehensive coverage across various disciplines to support your academic pursuits.

Additionally, our digital section offers innovative services such as virtual reference assistance, interactive tutorials, document delivery option and personalized recommendations to enhance your learning and research experience. Whether you’re exploring the latest research trends, conducting in-depth literature reviews, or seeking assistance from expert librarians, our digital section is your go-to destination for accessing quality information anytime, anywhere. Explore, discover, and engage with our digital library resources to unlock new opportunities for learning, discovery, and academic success.

Document Delivery requests: Clients can contact the Digital Section staff electronically through the Library’s online platforms or via email at ( Clients requesting for this service should provide essential information such as the author’s name, complete article and journal/book titles, volume and issue numbers, publication date, and page numbers.


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