FAES develops 2 New International Bachelors’ Programmes

Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) in partnership with VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium is developing two international curriculums for two study programs in Bachelor of Tourism and Bachelor of Hospitality Management. This follows a 2018 partnership with VIVES University that facilitated the development of the current MMU curriculum of Bachelor of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management. 

A 2-day curriculum review meeting held at MMU VLIRUOS office on June 5th and 6th 2023 between the two parties discussed issues related to: staff and student exchange, the number of credits that will make up a bachelor’s programs, number of contact hours per week, assessment and governing bodies. The partners further analyzed the following in relation to courses being developed: A clear description of the need for the programs; Numbers-quantitative and qualitative analysis of the need for jobs; unemployment numbers, room for growth; The impact that the project will have to Uganda; the area; the population and the local community; The work plans that need to be populated including the management and quality of the organizations involved, the bachelor curriculums to be developed; lifelong learning (upskilling); Dissemination and communication; and Skills room and training of the teachers. 

The curriculum development exercise is being led by Assistant Lecturer, Jerry Ceasor Togo and Assistant Lecturer, Restetuta Ninsiima all under the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management on onside of MMU while VIVES University is represented by Mathieu Calu, Head of Projects and chief de parte, Inge Serruys, Dean Tourism and Recreational Management and Julie Berge, lecturer Hospitality Management. 

While, Jerry ceasor Togo said under this partnership Mountains of the Moon University Will be able to jointly apply for an erusmus partnership as an enabler to get funds to help the mobility of students for up to one year and staff capacity building like putting up buildings and learning materials.

The community will also benefit from long life learning courses like short courses offered to people who are not be able to persue formal education.

Assistant Lecturer Ninsiima Restetuta, revealed that this improvement in courses students will get quality skills like cooking dishes from different cultures, improve standard of hotels among other services offered in the hotelier industry in Uganda and the World at large.

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