Staff Research Seminars and Workshops in high gear at MMU

The Directorate of Post Graduate Studies at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) has since 15th September 2022 organized a number of Staff Research Workshops/Seminars that are intended to promote research among the staff of the University. This is in accordance with the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 as amended, Section 24 (2) (a) the functions of a University shall include (a) the provision of higher education, promotion of research, and advancement of learning.

MMU Senior Grants Officer, Ms. Christine Kobugabe explains that the Directorate of Post Graduate Studies has organized two (2) Research Seminars and a Research Workshop in a period of two weeks and this has attracted both teaching and non-teaching staff.  All these are held at MMU Main Hall Block C, Saaka Campus.

The 1st research seminar was held on 15th September 2022 with topics: Feasibility assessment of selected point of use water treatment system presented by Dr. Violet Kisakye; A framework of Quality Assurance in University Community Engagement presented by Mr. Katende David; Exploring Sustainable Hotspots in Agro-Ecological Perspective by Dr. Joanita Kataike.

On 19th September 2022, a research workshop was successfully organized under the theme: Commercialization of Research Services and Products which was facilitated by Prof. Moses Muhumuza. The facilitator took the attendees of the day through the following topics: unpacking the theoretical and practical perspective of commercialization of research services and products; identification and listing of research services and products for commercialization; demonstrating knowledge of the process involved in commercializing research services and products; determining how much of the research services and products are worth monetary; marketing and selling of research services to the international market; and to propose an institutional framework for commercializing research services and products.

The second research seminar was held on 29th September 2022 with three facilitators presenting different research subjects which included: capacity for research teaching integration in University teaching: A case of MMU by Dr. Kintu Mugenyi; Triple F: the new model of agro-ecology by Mr. Clovis Kabaseke; and data analysis with R for improved data processing, visualization, and presentation by Dr. Edwin Akugizibwe.

Prof. Moses Muhumuza, the Director of Postgraduate Studies says all these seminars and workshops are aimed at exchanging knowledge, skills, and experience in research among MMU staff in order to encourage more research writing work.

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